About Us

Indian spices in the spice kingdom indian restaurant, Alsancak, Kyrenia

The spice kingdom is a business that envelopes fine dining of unique taste and an excellent bar and grill atmosphere. The mission is not only to have great tasting food, but have efficient and friendly service. Our dining environment is not only welcoming but sophisticated. We concentrate on customer satisfaction and quality food that is always fresh and specially selected. We will not judge a customer on class or dress. We want the Monument to be a place people can enjoy a good meal and meet new friends at our tropical Mediterranean Honey bar located inside the restaurant.

 The area is in a warm and friendly place with excellent food. A place where you always know you will get the best of everything. The spice kingdom will feature a cozy dining room and an elegant lounge. It  is a comfortable furnishings and decor with soothing warm tones. It will be the perfect place to stop in for a bite to eat, for a drink or for a small business meeting. For extra comfort and to please a large group of people we will make up special hors d’ oeuvre platters for customers.

The menu is inspired from different countries’ specialties and appeal to a diverse clientele. You can get Turkish specialties like various kebabs, and meatballs, or you can go a little bit more International and choose a red curry chicken with basmati rice, or an Asian grilled shrimp with spinach. We will also have a special Italian pasta dishes every day . Adding value will be an interesting business lunch menu with specialties every day with different menus. The menu will change every 3-4 months but keep the favorites. Prices will be competitive with other upscale restaurants in the area. However, it is the strategy of Monument Restaurant to give a perception of higher value than its competitors, through its food, service and entertainment.